Monday, March 11, 2013

Time is Flying By!

Dear family,
This has been a short transfer.  Transfers are already Wednesday.  Already!  I can't believe I've had Sister Martell for 5 weeks.  I really love being her companion.  We just found out that we are getting another sister on Wednesday.  She's not a new one.  This is actually her last transfer.  It is also Sister Gladden's last transfer.  Missions go by so quickly but at the same time so slowly.  That is why it's important to live in the moment.
I've learned a lot of things this week.  We had an exchange with the Jonesboro sisters, Sister Gladden and Sister Christensen.  On Friday, we met halfway- in Marked Tree Arkansas.  That's the name of the city.  Marked Tree.  Sis Martell went with Sis Gladden and Sis Christensen came with me.  It was a fun time, except for that Sis Christensen got a really bad migraine on Saturday so we had to stay in the apartment all day. haha.  So..funny story.  We were apparently supposed to meet back at marked tree on Saturday at 3:45.  Well for some reason I thought it was supposed to be at 4:45.  So I was driving there, and Sis Christensen was completely out of it the whole way.  We pulled up to our meeting spot to find Sister Gladden with the deadliest of glares I've ever seen.  I could see her mouthing the words "I'M NOT HAPPY WITH YOU".  I thought it was a joke.  She then rolled down the window and said again "I'm. Not. Happy. With. You.  You could have been dead at the side of the street.  We called your zone leaders and they said you left at 3. We called you a million times and you never answered."  Well, I'm sorry!  Sister Christensen was concentrating on not throwing up!  And then I started crying a little.  haha.  It's been a while since I've been yelled at.  But it was sorta like getting yelled at from my mom.  It makes me feel bad but she's my mom.  I don't know if the story sounds funny to you, but it was pretty funny. At the same time not funny.  sister Christensen just completely forgot about the phone..haha.  It all ended up being fine.  But Sister Martell had a great time with her grandma.  She described as Sister Gladden getting her all hyped up and then sending her home back to her mom.  haha.  :)
During our lesson with Maria and Gabby(6yrs) this week, we were talking about Heavenly Father.  Gabby said, "My mom told me that God is in my heart.  I didn't know that before.  But when she told me, I knew it."  That was the sweetest instance of the faith of a child.  It touched me.  Have you seen the new mormon message "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father"?  That's what it reminds me of.  You should watch it.
I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday when who should walk into the chapel but Brad Wilcox!  It made me very excited.  Especially because we had been talking about him and one of his talks just the day before.  I got to talk to him and find out that Whitney is on her mission in Spain.  Very excited.  I think I also met Michael McClain.  Without knowing it.  I didn't know what he looked like.  I was informed after the fact that that's who it was.  Then me and Brother Seaman played a game of my dog's bigger than your dog.  I told him that I grew up with Brad Wilcox's kids.  He then told me an assortment of other facts that totally beat my comment...I don't even remember what he said.  He usually one-ups me though.  That's okay, I got over it.  Because I'm pretty sure my dad can still yell louder.:)
Here are some things I learned this week.  
-Faith is not only a feeling; It's a decision
-If you want to have more strength in your home, sing a hymn with your family at night and then take turns praying aloud.  Each one.  
One more funny story.  We were eating dinnner with the Eaton family last week, and as we began dinner, Brother Eaton said, "so I'm on a new diet".  We said, "Oh?  What's that?"  He said, "It's an indian diet".  "So, what does that entail?"  "Well basically, if Captain Moroni didn't eat it, I'm not gonna eat it".  :)
It might not sound that funny, but it really was.
I love you all.
love sister wilde

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