Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sis. Wilde's Last Few Weeks

Readers, I apologize, the last few weeks have been crazy but here are Sis. Wilde's last few letters. Sorry.
(Most recent on top)

Aug. 19, 2013

Hey Family,

Well I hope you all relish this email..especially Cameron.  I will try to pack it as full of Sister Wilde wisdom and knowledge as I can.  :) 

Another great week has gone by.  A little more difficult than some weeks because Sister Hawthorn was out of town..our missionary work really suffered.  You would be amazed at how that lady single-handedly (singlehandedly?  single-handed-ly?  Well you get the picture) upholds the missionary work in Glenwood and Hot Springs!  She has placed 8 Books of Mormon in the last 2 months.  She spends an entire day once a week with us and another day with the elders in Hot Springs.  Every week!  While she was gone, we got kind of concerned about Howard, seeing as he had to fend for himself all week, and we all know how Dad does when he has to do that :)  So for our solution, we made biscuits for Howard.  The best part about it was the note we put on the front.  We had caught wind of the fact that the other day Howard walked into the house and called Sister Hawthorn his "sugar dumplin".  Which is hilarious if you know Howard.  I never would have thought that would come out of his mouth.  So our note read thus, "Dear Howard,  Since your sugar dumplin isn't here, we decided to make you these biscuits to tide you over til she gets home.  Love the Sisters".  Howard loved his gift.  Job well done if you ask me. :)

I continue to see the members become more excited and involved in missionary work.  Man, just when we got things going so great they make me leave.  You really don't know how unfair it really is.  These people mean everything to me.  They have changed me because of who they are.  That's how we do missionary work.  It is an offering of our whole self to Heavenly Father.  As we submit to His will, He blesses us with a love for those we serve.  As we serve them we become instruments through which the spirit can be carried to their hearts.  That's what King Benjamin did.  As a result, the people believed his words and had a mighty change of heart.  This can only come by the power of the Holy Ghost.  I know this principle is true.  I gave a talk yesterday and told them all of this and how that's what will be needed to be able to make this branch a ward.  It will happen.  We have excellent leadership and the strong faith of the members.  It will result in miracles.  President Palmer teaches me so much about these things.  

I got a really special opportunity this week.  We had a fish fry(best thing ever!) this past Saturday.  George McWhorter fried the fish, Bessie and Opal got all the people to come, Howard brought the fun, and President Palmer and I brought the entertainment.  He got together all of these old Mormon folk songs they used to sing while crossing the plains.  He wrote speaking parts and we did a little program.  He played guitar and sang, and I sang harmony.  Yeah, it pretty much made all my dreams come true.  I keep on trying to think of how on earth I can become his daughter in law..that's how amazing he is.  He told me that he wished his boys weren't all married off...it really is a shame.  I had such a great time with the songs though.  They were nice.  I didn't know any of them except for Come, Come Ye Saints.  The nylon guitar was perfect for the setting.  Another great part about the fish fry was that some of our potential investigators came.  Well it's a couple.  Brenda and Rick.  They are wonderful people.  They're the ones that go to cowboy church.  Did I tell you about them?  Sister Hicken and I decided that if we weren't Mormon, we would most definitely be going to cowboy church.  Cause it's really fun!  I get such a great feeling about Brenda and Rick.  The first time Sister Hicken met them she got a strong confirmation that they would be baptized.  I will pray for her..it will be her work now.

Alice came to church yesterday.  Things are looking up!  She knows the Book of Mormon is true.  

This is what I've learned.  To participate in the salvation of souls is the most important work we can do on this earth.  That is why we are here.  Heavenly Father's work and glory is for us to have eternal life.  We are to help ourselves and those around us to obtain our highest potential.  I suppose I can do this not being a full time missionary, even though I'd rather just stay a missionary.  I thought of a great idea.  How about all of you come here and be missionaries with me?  Then we will have the best life ever.  You gotta tell me soon though, otherwise they might make me get on the plane.  

Well, I say this stuff, but you know that as much as I want to be here, I want to see you just as badly.

I love you all, and can't wait to see you soon. 

love sister wilde   

Aug. 12, 2013

What's up family.  As I've watched the transfer unfold, I've realized a few things.  My mission started to fly by again.  It's been a while since it has flown by. But I'm sitting here watching it fly, wishing I could call it back.  I'm horribly conflicted, so that's why I try to just work harder.  Remember those goals I told you about?  I'm still working so hard at them!  And all that preach my gospel study is paying off.  I understand now, more than I ever have what it means to have urgency in the work.  It's really easy to not realize the impact and importance of this work and the gospel in general I think.  But I cannot deny that as I have studied the word and labored for the Lord that it has enlarged my soul and enlightened my mind.  So I know it's true.  Man, it's pretty much the best thing ever to hear when my investigators actually read the Book of Mormon. Yesterday we had a lesson with Stacy. He actually kept his commitment to read. As a result, the spirit was there more powerfully than I've ever felt in a lesson with him. I know that because he did his part, the spirit prepared his heart for our meeting together. He knows it's true.  We just gotta work on some other stuff.

Sister Hicken and I are slowly turning into the same person.  We have the same ideas at the same time, our sense of humor is pretty much the same, and we say stuff at the same time too.  Yesterday we were at dinner with the Hawthorns.  I was really striking out yesterday because I managed to offend almost every single person in their family! Unintentionally!  Even Sister Hawthorn said, "This is not like you Sister Wilde!"  Well it was all in good fun.  We had gone to primary yesterday because my convert Cheyenna was in Glenwood branch for the day.  Megan (Sister Hawthorn's granddaughter) was being a pill in primary.  I accidentally let it slip during dinner afterward that Megan wasn't singing in primary.  I was saying it jokingly, but then after a minute, Megan left the table...and I came to find out that she went in the other room to cry.  I felt awful!!  I don't even know the last time I made someone cry..it was so bad..so when she came back I asked what I could do to make it up to her.  She said, "Well I really like chocolate".  And then at the same time, Sister Hicken and I said, "Noted."  Same tone, same everything.  Well that ended up being a reaaallly long story for a stupid ending.  sorry.

Things are continuing to pick up in Glenwood.  We had a great day in church yesterday.  The high councilman spoke and said that the Glenwood branch was really setting the pace for missionary work for the rest of the stake.  I know that the members are praying for our branch to become a ward.  I can feel their faith.  Yesterday we had sunday school with the young men cause none of our investigators came.  We have the sweetest young men in the world.  They always remember to pray for our branch and the missionaries.  That really touched me.  
However, it is not enough to just pray.  President Palmer taught me that faith always begins with a prompting from the Holy Ghost and always ends with a miracle.  Faith means action.  We are getting things going and more people are beginning to join in.

Jennifer is doing pretty good except for the fact that she had her two front teeth pulled last week.  It only made all of Sister Hicken's worst fears come true...haha.  When she got her mission call, the first thing she asked was if it was really true that the people in Arkansas don't wear shoes and have no teeth.  I don't know how many people tried to reassure her that the statement was false, but they were wrong.  It's accurate.

Oh!  Brother and Sister Bledsoe are now sealed.  Hooray!
Have I told you about Lonny?  He is this awesome guy we're teaching.  His beard might give Elliot a run for his money.  I'll show you pictures when I get home.  But it's okay cause when Elliot is 60, his beard will probably be way more impressive than Lonny's.  Well He is reading the Book of Mormon and praying!  The problem we are running into is that he and his wife are very active in another church. They live in a small town, and the church is made up of mostly their family. They are deeply rooted in this other church. Lonny's wife Sandra is hesitant about us coming. I can see on her face that she is afraid to know it's true because if she were to know it is true, she would have to change. She doesn't want to.  We keep praying!

Well I love you all.  Have a great week.
love sister wilde

Aug. 6, 2013
Hey Family,

What a week!  I learned a precious principle that changed my week and changed my mission.  The funny thing is, I don't know how many times people have tried to teach me this principle, but it didn't really click til now.  So I went to this mission leader council meeting-which was the best thing I've ever experienced!  I don't know why people don't like these meetings, because you get to feel the spirit so strongly every time and receive revelation.  As we set our baptismal goal for the month, I was thinking a lot about goals and plans and how to accomplish something.  Elder Ballard says something in PMG about how we need to learn to set goals and make plans and then live to reach those goals.  It's a way of living that helps us reach a far greater potential than we would if we didn't have goals and plans.  Sounds simple, right?  But how many of us really do this?  Well maybe you all do, but I just learned how.  So as the spirit was working on me, I realized I really needed to make the rest of my mission count.  I made important goals and then specific plans.  Then I prayed in faith that the Lord would consecrate my plan and help me accomplish it.  I can honestly say with my whole soul that I know the Lord has provided a way for me to accomplish my plans each day.  I don't know how it worked out, but I just did what I told Him I'd do, and He really did do the rest.  I have heard that so many times in my life, but no one ever told me to just make a specific plan.  Then I don't have to worry about if I could have done more or all the what ifs.  I planned out everything I could do and then I did it.  It takes all the guilt away!  Mom, you need to try this!   

Well after I had this great breakthrough, I used it on all my challenges of the days that followed.  Saturday was especially a trial of our faith.  We had been at Jennifer's the night before and Nora was throwing up.  We woke up the next morning and did not feel so hot.  Sister Hicken especially felt sick.  But she prayed and Heavenly Father told her that if she would go and do that good things would happen.  They surely did.  We went to Alan's house.  As he came out to talk with us, I could feel strongly of how miserable he is right now.  It makes me feel so sad because he doesn't know how to get out of it and I'm here telling him that I know how to help him if he would just listen to me.  The spirit prompted us to be bold with him.  We told him just that.  We told him that Jesus Christ is the light of the world and came here to teach us the way to happiness and peace.  It is simple.  We promised him that if he came to church with a question and prayer in his heart, he would receive the answer.  It was a bomb lesson.  We talked with him about the Book of Mormon.  He said he felt better when he read it.  "Did you pray to know if it is true?"  "Oh I know it's true".  Well Alan, then you need to act on it.

 We also fasted and prayed that Alice would come to church- and she did!  I'll tell you more about her next week.  But Sunday was a great day.  There were more people at church and the testimony meeting was good.  The spirit was there.  Jennifer got baptized!  It was a wonderful service-one of the best I've been to.  I was happy about it because I knew she was ready.  She was prepared by the Lord and did her part to prepare.  We talked with President Palmer after about how we can really feel things starting to happen.  It is because of prayers and diligence.

To conclude, I wish to tell you a little about my companion, Sister Hicken.  I feel inclined to write a poem, but time does not allow.  She is good for my health.  I have been thinking that my companions were strategically placed throughout my mission.  She is exactly who I need.  I also would like to tell Jessica that she has the Wilde magical powers of being able to fall asleep anywhere.  I actually think she might give Mom and Elliot a run for their money.  The other night she commented, "You know, I think the biggest struggle I have in my life is staying awake".  Haha!  The thing is, that's not even an exaggeration.  She falls asleep everywhere!  She says she's border line narcoleptic. Well there are lots of other great things about her, but I don't really have time to tell them all.  

I love you all.  The gospel is true. 
love sister wilde 

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