Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final Week in the MTC

Hey everyone!
It has been another whole week here.  It goes by fast and slow at the same time.  There's tons to tell you...  I am doing well though.  Much better than I was last week.  I cried like half as much as before.  Oh!  THANK YOU all soo much for your letters and packages and love and prayers.  I appreciate it so much.  It lifts me so much when I get dear elders from my family at the end of the day.  My district teases me because of how much my family loves me cause I get packages with treatsies in them all the time.  But I always share.  It has been wonderful, I can't thank you enough.  I am so grateful to have a family that loves me.
  Let's start with my companion.  Sister Edwards.  From Pleasant Grove.  She is a beautiful girl.  She and I are different, but in good ways.  Kinda like Mom and Dad.  Their strengths and weaknesses balance each other out.  When we teach lessons, we are really good at transitioning from one person to the other.  We save each other when one of us doesn't know the answer to a question the investigator asks.  We have had some powerful experiences in lessons.  Our teachers always tell us to teach people, not lessons.  We have to study as well as we can to seek revelation for our investigators-what they need, so we can teach doctrine that would meet their needs.  I see so many correlations between missionary work and everything in life.  I am truly learning to be more like Christ, because He knows our needs and can personally help us to meet those needs.  Although, He is a master and I am just attempting.  But It is very comforting to know that God is on my side.  The longer I am here, the more I realize that God loves His missionaries and has promised us so many blessings if we are diligent in the work.  He will give me what to say in the hour I need it if I will do my best in every aspect of the work.  Last P day I got the opportunity to go to the temple.  It was the best, most powerful experience I've had in the temple ever in my life.  I felt so much peace when I was there, which was very needed in my heart.  I walked out feeling so grateful for my blessings, and as I walked out the doors, I looked straight ahead of me to the mountains to the west and Utah was breath taking. Honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen for a long time.  It gave me this unique joy to see the beauty of the earth..I was so grateful to God for creating it.  I've noticed that when you try so so hard to be grateful, (sometimes its pretty hard), but you start to see more things to be grateful for.  It was a chilly night..but just chilly enough to be super refreshing.  I already like the weather to be cold, as you all know, so my companion and other sisters we were with thought I was kinda weird for talking about how I was having a great time being cold.  They've noticed that I laugh at things that no one else does...but that's because it's really funny.  For example.  We get these beautiful little cards to swipe every time we need to enter a door.  Otherwise, it stays locked.  They are the same cards we swipe to eat meals, and the BEST part is that you can use it to buy stuff at the bookstore.  I am enchanted every time I walk in there because I feel like everything is free!  I then begin to want everything in there...I just want to buy it so bad and I know all I have to do is swipe this little blue card.  This sounds terrible.  Anyway, I bought a notebook for letter writing today, and then went back later to get a journal and tick tacs.  Did I need them?  Well sorta, but I mostly just wanted it so bad.  I was commenting to Sister Madril that I was such a greedy girl, and right then, I turned and knocked this whole shelf of tic tacs over.  Then I was laughing hysterically as I picked them up and quickly exited.  When I told the story later to my district, it was still hilarious!  But none of them really laughed.. :)
      Last night was probably the best night of my whole life!  Next to the Peter Breinholt concert night, and the night we saw the King Singers with the Tabernacle choir.  We had our weekly devotional with all the misssionaries.  I was participating in the MTC choir which has been fun, and Mr. Mendenhall plays the organ on Tuesdays!  He wasn't there last week, but he was this  week so I went up and had a wonderful conversation with him.  I told Sis. Madril that he had changed my life and how grateful I was for that man.  and THEN...Elder Holland walks through the door.  I was stoked.  I love him so much.  Everyone was so excited and sung extra loud for the opening song.  We stood when he came in and he blew us a kiss.  It was a phenominal devotional.  He expressed his deep love for us and that we as missionaries are the most prayed for in the whole church except for the prophet.  He told us that we cannot let anyone down.  That he and the prophet expect so much of us and they do not apologize for that.  We have the greatest opportunity to participate in the salvation of a human soul, which is the greatest work in the universe.  It's what God does every day.  It was a moving talk.  He encouraged us to be more deeply converted to the book of mormon.  I could go on and on...Anyway, the spirit filled my heart and filled the whole room.  You could almost touch the motivation that was in every missionary's mind and heart as we left.  Then, I got to practice with Sister Amber Zibetti, her two companions and Sister Kartchner.  We are preparing to audition to perform in one of the sunday meetings.  We are doing that version of Come thou Fount that we did for my farewell.  I'm playing, Sis Zibetti and Kartchner are singing, and the other two sisters are signing it. (they are called on ASL missions).  It has been such a wonderful opportunity to be able to do this..I have been touched again with the power of music to get in touch with the Lord's spirit.  It is now even deeper in me.  I hope they pick us because it is sounding awesome! 
I'm having a lot of uplifting experiences.  I pray for you all.  I love you all.  God loves you all.
Love, sister wilde

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