Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week of May 7th

Dear Family:
Arkansas is a great place.  Sister Gladden and I enjoy eating cadburry eggs and listening to christmas music in May.  I got my first tick yesterday!  On my leg!  Sister Gladden ran a match over my leg and then pulled it out with tweezers. It was very eventful.  Also, we got sunburnt on Saturday and then ate Thanksgiving Dinner.  It's super weird.  All out of order.  But we enjoy it.
It seems like something awesome happens to us every day.  I think this can be true for everybody.  Because God blesses us so much-we just have to recognize it.  We go to appointments and we always come out loving them more.  The other day we watched Finding Faith in Christ with some of our investigators and had a really great experience with them.  I felt my faith in Christ grow- mostly I realized how amazing it is that God sent His son to make the Plan of Salvation work.  As we've listened to the Christmas album in our car, one of the lines from a song sticks in my mind.  "Wise men still follow Him each day of their lives".  I love that.  It's a daily thing.  We can follow Him each day and continually become closer to Him.  We can make small changes each day that will eventually bring to pass great things.
One of our investigators just had a baby!  That's cool.  We know so many cool people.  It's great to have so many people to teach and so many members who support us. 
Well, I love you all.  God lives and loves us.  He watches over us and can be in the details of our lives if we pray for that guidance.
Love Sister Wilde

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