Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What a great week!

Dear Family,
We had a great week!  I am going to recap the last two days of last week.
Saturday:  During our studies, Bro. Griffin came upstairs and invited us to go do street contacting by the convention center that morning.  They had a big republican convention and Bro. Griffin was invited to give the invocation.  Pretty cool.  We did some contacting and got a new investigator. 
Later during the day, we went to contact a referral.  We knew the street, but didn't know the house number.  We were driving pretty slow down the street, and saw a lady out working in her yard.  I thought-oh maybe we can ask this lady if she knows where Lena lives.  Then Sister Gladden said, "That's her."  She got out of the car and said, "Hey Lena!"  It totally was her.  I thought it was pretty cool that the spirit told her it was Lena. 
That night, we went to a lesson with BJ.  We've been teaching BJ for quite some time, and she knows the BOM is true..but was having a hard time because she didn't want to leave her church.  We taught the restoration in this demonstration we have with cups.  The foundation of apostles and prophets is key-and all the doctrines and principles of the gospel are built upon that strong foundation.  After we taught, she said, "I'm so glad God showed me this today".  She really understood the apostacy and how the authority of the priesthood could bless her life.  She said she felt that her prayer was answered that night.  This was a big stepping stone-and a miracle, if you ask me.  To receive an answer to prayer is a great blessing.
When we got home that night, it finally dawned on us that the best day of our lives was the next day.  It was the day Brother Bledsoe would be baptized.  We started to get really excited, so we did a happy dance, which I so graciously recorded.  :)  We felt like it was Christmas Eve cause we couldn't sleep-that's how excited we were.  So I sang myself Christmas songs in hopes of faling asleep.
Sunday:  We got to Glenwood and everything was hopping.  Everyone came in their best clothes, carrying plates and plates of food for the lunch afterward.  The fridge was completely full.  Our stake president, Pres. Beheshti, and mission president, Pres. Petersen both came.  They were the speakers for sacrament meeting.  The spirit was there.  Their talks were powerful. So many people came for the baptism.  We had the whole branch and then quite a few members of the Hot Springs ward who know the Bledsoes.  One of my absolute favorite parts was meeting their beautiful family.  Brother Bledsoe's son Garry came from California to baptize him.  He brought his wife, and three of his kids( who are all grown now with their own children).  His kids are Katherine, Jeff, and Kristie.  Kristie brought her kids too.  So Brother Bledsoe had his wife, children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren there for his baptism.  The moment I met them, I felt a love for them that I cannot describe.  I felt as if I had known them my whole life.  I know I say that all the time, but I really did.  Garry took me and my companion aside and thanked us sincerely for teaching his father.  He said that he knew we were called to this exact mission for the purpose of bringing his dad into the waters of baptism and receiving the gospel.  So many elders had tried to teach him in the past.  I know that this must have been the right time, and I know it was Heavenly Father who did it, because I didn't do a thing.  I just met him and loved him and tried my best to teach.  Garry said that his dad told him that they adopted us as the daughters they never had.  He said he considered us sisters, and that if we were ever in the San Diego area to call them up.  It was so meaningful to feel that love and acceptance from that beautiful family.  In a year's time, Bro Bledsoe will be sealed to them.  
There's more..but it's too long..Antwon and his family are making a ton of progress.  They are truly ready for the gospel.  We are seeing Antwon change. He's in 3 Nephi!  Well, he said he kinda skipped around, but he's read a lot of it.  It's way more exciting than it sounds, I promise.
I love you all.  I feel really happy.  Mostly because of Brother Bledsoe's family.  Now I have two amazing families!  I just cant believe it.
love sister annalisa wilde

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