Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween is near

Dear Family,
The weather is so nice here in my favorite month of October.  I am excited about Halloween.  I'm getting into the spirit by sharing my favorite Halloween songs "Halloween Cat" and "Boo boo boo boo, I'm a ghost to scare you", but only with the people who will appreciate the treasures that those songs really are. :)    I think me and Sis Bridgewater are going to dress up like Nephites and Lamanites.  I'm not sure how much of a distinction we'll be able to make though, because a lot of people we meet think we're actual sisters.  This makes Sis B sort of mad...I'm not sure why, because we are opposite in literally every other way.  I continue to be amazed at the crazy stories she tells me, and she always has more.  Last night she was telling me about how she was a cage fighter in high school.  A cage fighter.  She learned to fight and defend herself in elementary school, while I was probably playing piano or something.  The contrast is hilarious.
Well, we had to go to the doctor this last week for Sis B and while I was waiting, I decided to see if I could name all 50 states.  I had actually been working on it for a few weeks, but I was missing one.  Just one, and neither of us could figure it out.  A few days later, we were at an investigator's house and asked them to look up which state we were missing.  It was Wyoming!  Sorry Mom and Dad, I don't know how I forgot that one.  Plus that's where President is from too. Whoops.  I could remember Vermont but not Wyoming.  Anyway, that doesn't really have anything to do with missionary work. 
I got to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday.  It went well!  The topic was Recognizing the Spirit.  I spoke about how we can better receive and recognize the Spirit when we pray in faith.  This is really important.  We learn in D&C 42:14 that if we don't pray with faith, we cannot receive the spirit and can't teach.  When we do this more frequently and sincerely, we can begin to develop Christlike attributes like humility.  This helps us overcome the natural man (Mosiah 3:19) and allows the spirit to work with us.  We begin to desire the welfare of others above our own.  I talked about how few people understand this principle better than mothers do.  I shared how touched I was to find out from Mom that I was remembered in every prayer offered in my family, and that it wasn't until then that I realized that my mom and dad hadn't just been praying for me every day of my mission, but every day of my whole life.  The spirit witnessed to me that those prayers were heard by our Heavenly Father.  What good we can do when we pray for others!  When we pray in faith, our desires begin to change, and we can better understand God's love for his children.  We will have the desire to respond to the Savior's call to serve our brothers and sisters, and we will do it becasue we love Him.
Last week we had a zone conference.  Somehow one of the APs found out that I sing, but what he didn't understand was that I don't sing alone.  I don't like to...I need Michelle or Sharlie or Elisa or Kynsie or Chelsea...but none of them are here.  So he asked me to sing, and I was obedient.  I ended up roping Sister Kenworthy into it (mmwhahaha) and we did a duet while I played piano. It was really fun to sing with her.  We sang "Be Thou My Vision" from that book Mom gave me.  I had a good time.
We are working with a wonderful lady named Stephanie.  She knows the Book of Mormon is true!  Do you know how cool that is-to find someone who will read the BOM, pray about it,  find out it's true, and then continue reading it?  Man, it's priceless.  The more I read it the more I think to myself "There is no way on earth Joseph Smith could have written this".  If it wasn't the word of God, then it wouldn't be the way by which we can receive revelation.  We really can receive personal revelation through it.  And every time we get a bunch of anti, it really helps me to read the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes it really hurts my feelings to hear the horrible things people tell me about my church.  But, its good because then I get the opportunity to teach them what is true about our church. 
I hope the family is well-you seem to be from what I hear.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for me.  I really wish I could be there to watch Return to OZ with yall...but hey!  I finally found someone who actually knows what that movie is!  It's Sister Bridgewater. :)
I love you!!
love sister annalisa wilde

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