Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Week of the transfer

Dear Family,
Another week has gone by, and now we are at the last week of the transfer.  I'm not quite sure how this happens...I have been in Bartlett for almost 12 weeks now.  It seems to have flown by.  I really like this area because of the members and the people I know.  Also, Sister Bridgewater keeps me pretty entertained.  She has supplied most of my mission quotes that will be really funny to read in a few years.  Well, they are funny now too.  She's just funny.  It hasn't been too wet or cold here, although some people disagree.  I then tell them they are kinda whussy.  Well not really, but it's not cold to me. 
We had a pretty uneventful Halloween..but it was still fun.  It was funner than 4th of July was.  4th of July was actually kinda lame..compared to our awesome celebrations we have at home.  But on Halloween we got to see Sammy and her girls Abbi and Lauren when they were dressing up for trick or treating.  Abbi was a kitty cat and Lauren was an angel.  Very cute.  I love them so much-I think they are the reason I came to Bartlett.  I hope all of you can meet Sammy someday..she's pretty cool.  Valerie, and anyone else who is a Nightmare before Christmas fan might be interested to know that Sis B made a Nightmare before Christmas christmas tree!  It's super cool.  The tree has cobwebs and little pumpkins and something else on the top.  I'll send you a  picture because I don't know what it is called. 
Cool story.  We went out teaching with a member named Andrea last week.  I really really like her.  You know those people you meet and you think "man, I'm so glad I met this person.  I wonder how I lived my whole life without knowing them".  We went to see this investigator who is slightly obsessed with Donny Osmond.  Have I told you this yet?  Well, he is going to be the key to her conversion.  We went to her house, but she acted like she was too busy and she wouldn't invite us in.  Then Sis B was quick and said, "Oh, you still have to show us that picture you have of when you met Donny Osmond!"  Yep. Got in the house.  From there we ended up having a conversation about coming closer to God and the Book of Mormon.  The lady said that she had been having a really rough few weeks and felt like God pushed us to her house.  I was excited to hear that.
I have recently found out that Valerie (my dear investigator from Hot Springs), since her baptism last month, has been doing extremely well.  She is now a great missionary, goes out and teaches with the sisters there, and now her sister, her sister's husband, and her daughter are all getting baptized.  Wow, that makes me so happy.  Can you believe it?  All because she wanted to know about Mitt Romney.  She is the coolest.  Also, Brother Bledsoe is doing so well too.  I called Sis Gladden the other day to give her a phone number, and she happened to be with Bro Bledsoe at the time.  She asked me if I wanted to talk to a very special person.  When she handed him the phone, I said, "Is this Brother Bledsoe?"  And he couldn't speak for a few seconds.  He finally said that he was overwhelmed to hear my voice.  We both got emotional..what a sweet man.  He is getting the Melchezidek priesthood soon.  Okay I know I spelled that word wrong, don't judge me.  I'm trying to hurry before the computer at the library kicks me off.  He has also finished reading the Book of Mormon and is on to the D&C.  Hooray!
Do you remember Stephanie?  The lady who got baptized last week?  Well now we are teaching her sister, LaTosha.  She is a trip!  Haha.  Since the first day she met us, she decided to give us nicknames.  Sis B is now redhead and I am smiley.  :)  Funny lady.  Oh, something else about Sam and Steve.  Lauren, their kid who is 6, is a really good reader.  She is in advanced programs at school.  Well the other day I asked Steve if he had been reading the Book of Mormon.  He said "Yeah."  Surprised, I said, "really??".  "Well, no, but yeah.  The other day I sat Lauren down and had her read the Book of Mormon to me".  I sure hope that his 6 year old doesn't read better than he does.  That would just be sad.
So we have the best district ever this transfer!  I hope nobody moves next week, because I love all of the missionaries we are with right now.  Our district leader is the best I've ever had.  And get this.  We have had 4 baptisms in the last 9 days!  Each of the 3 companionships have baptized.  Pretty cool.  Speaking of baptisms, I got the opportunity to go to the baptism of a little girl in the ward named Ruby.  We worked our tails off to get investigators to come with us, but they all bailed.  It was a really nice baptism.  I felt the spirit witnessing that it is a true ordinance.  The sweetest part was that Ruby requested that I should say the closing prayer.  This really touched me because I haven't even talked to her that much.  I felt special that she wanted us there and that I got to say the closing prayer.
We also had stake conference yesterday.  It was good.  What I liked most is that a member of the 70, Elder Giddons I think, told a story about how his wife prayed every day of her son's mission that nothing would happen to his grandparents while he was gone, so he could see them again.  The grandparents ended up getting in a car accident, and died.  She wondered if she didn't have enough faith to receive what she was praying for.  But then she realized that her faith needed to be in Jesus Christ and his atonement.  When we do that, our perspective changes, and even the things we pray for can change.  It reminds me of the words to the hymn "O Savior Thou who Wearest a Crown"  when it says, "no fear of death alarm us, We live O Lord through Thee".  I know this is true.
I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling week as you remember your blessings and the love that surrounds you.
love sister annalisa wilde

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