Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear Family,
I've had a great week.  Has it been another week already?  Man...Thanksgiving is already over.  Luckily I got to have sweet potatoe pie.  Unfortunately nobody here knows about cranberry salad.  They also didn't have Maryann's cheesecake.  It's okay, I got over it.  On Thanksgiving night, me and Sis B took around these little turkeys we made from cutting out our handprints on paper.  We colored them and they were really cute.  We took them around to members and investigators to say Happy Thanksgiving from the sister missionaries.  After a while of being on your mission, you kind of lose your identity as an individual and you become "the sister missionaries". :)
This week I had very special experiences that helped me understand the reality of the priesthood power that is restored to the earth, and the responsibility we as missionaries have to take that to all the world.
I got a special opportunity yesterday to help out in Primary.  Background...there is this really cool lady I met when I got here.  Her name is Becca Robison.  A few weeks ago we went to her house for dinner and she was talking about a new calling that she was about to receive.  She couldn't tell us what it was, obviously, but for some reason, I just had a feeling that I knew.  I then said, "My sister just got called to be the Primary President in her ward.  It's a big job, but she loves it.  Her name is Becca too :)"  Sis Robison then let out a nervous sigh..."Oh really?  yeah..."  I can't remember what she said, but I knew that she was going to be the primary president.  Later she said, "hey I might need your help in sharing time soon.  The lesson is on preparing for a full time mission".  Well I was right, and that Sunday she got sustained.  Well yesterday we dressed up in sunglasses and funny hats, and Sis B may or may not have been wearing a fake mustache, and walked into primary.  Sis Robison said "Who are these people dressed so funny?"  The kids all shouted "missionaries!"  "Well, how do you know they're missionaries?"  We talked about our name tags and I got to tell the children how important and special it is to me to be able to represent the Lord Jesus Christ.  Every day.  It meant more to me than it has in the past.  I get to wear this awesome badge with the name of my family who I love on it, as well as the name of our Savior.  That's pretty cool.  Then Sis Robison brought out her mission suitcase with things that missionaries need-scriptures, white shirt, tie, shoes, helmet, Preach my Gospel...she dressed a few kids in these clothes and then said, "is this all you need to go on a mission?"  Then we talked about testimony.  There's a verse in the Doctrine and Covenants where the Lord says to go into all the world and take your testimony to all people.  It doesnt' say to take your companion's testimony, or your parents' testimony, but yours.  Each person's testimony is unique and can influence certain people in special ways.  So really, you're the only one who can be you, so you better be your best!  Sis Robison hid little paper missionaries around the room for the kids to go find and tape to a map of the world.  On the back were things that we need to have testimonies of.  While they found them, we sang I hope they call me on a Mission.  They pasted the missionaries all over the world.  Sis Robison said, "Now we are going to hear our missionaries share their testimonies with us.  There is something special about hearing the testimony of a set apart representative of Christ.  I want you to listen with your ears and with your hearts".  Then we got to bear our testimonies. I know I'm giving you all the details of this sharing time, which you may feel is unnecessary, but this was the most masterfully done sharing time I've ever been to!  She taught the children simply but powerfully.  The spirit there was strong.  She was truly tutoring them in the language of the Spirit.  I was blessed for being there to learn from her.  I think that Sister Robison has taught me more about my purpose as a missionary than anyone except for President. 
I got to go to a baptism for 8 yr old Jayden Thomas this week.  Again, the spirit there was unmistakable.  I felt it deeper than I've felt even at the first of my mission.  I knew it was true-the ordinance was done through the power of God, and the Holy Ghost bore record.  I couldn't get through it without crying.  The mother of the child gave a talk about the Holy Ghost, and it was very sweet.  She bore powerful testimony.  I wish you could have been made me reaaally wish I could have been at Lincoln and Rachel's baptisms. 
Yesterday I asked Brother Perry for a blessing because I needed one.  It was one of the most special blessings I have received.  After, it felt like something inside of me had finally let out and I could breathe.  I felt a holy feeling, a feeling of peace.  Sis B and I were talking after about priesthood blessings, and I commented that I don't think a lot of people know what it truly feels like-I wish they could.  I wish I could help them see the blessings that could be theirs if they would but have faith.  It's a blessing.  We are a blessed people..
My time is short.  I love you all.  Thank you for serving and lifting those around you. 
love sister annalisa wilde

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