Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Companion

Dear Family,
I've had a long and great week.  I got to spend the first half of the week in Collierville with Sister T (Tumanuvao).  We had a wonderful time together.  It was like a spiritual re-charge.  However, it's probably that we didn't stay companions, because we would get nothing done.  haha.  Well last P day we went to a member's house (Sis Gardner) to hang out.  Did I tell you about when we did a musical number when Elder Kepichke of the 70 came to our mission?  We did I know that My Redeemer Lives combined with I feel my Savior's love.  I played for her and Sis Yuen and Sis B to sing.  Well we were playing piano and messing around and decided to just sing it together while I played.  It turns out it sounded awesome.  Well Sis Gardner heard it and asked if we would sing it for her early morning seminary class the next day.  What a beautiful experience it was to do that.  I got to express my testimony through music-which is probably the way I express it best.  I do know that my Redeemer lives.  
Somehow Sis T and I got talking about grocery stores, specifically Maceys, and I mentioned that I liked that store because I could feel the spirit in there.  She said, "me too!"  So I'm not a complete freak for thinking that!  :)
Well I have a new companion.  Her name is Sister Martell from Stansbury Park UT.  It's by Tooele.  She's fresh out of the MTC.  I like her a lot.  We already work great together.  I know she will help me to be the missionary that I need to be.  We have had a few great experiences with prayer finding.  Prayer finding is when we knock on doors we feel inspired to knock on and ask if we can leave the Savior's peace and blessing on their home and their family.  I like this approach because it helps others understand that we are not there to shove religion down their throat, but to bless them as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.
On transfer day when all the arriving missionaries came, this elder marched right up to me and said, "I worked with your brother Elliot!"  All I could do was grin.  This made me very happy.  Then he told me that he also went to school with Cameron.  I just feel really happy about that.  His name is Elder Randall. 
Debbie came to church yesterday!!!  She had said before the meeting that she had to leave after the first hour, but when sacrament meeting was over she told us she changed her mind. She felt the spirit there. The relief society lesson was about testimony and conversion. Sisters shared sacred experiences of the spirit witnessing to them of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of mormon. Debbie turned to us and said, "I gotta be Mormon. That's what this is tellin me." We pray for her continual progression.
Breaking news.  I rode my bike for the first time in my entire mission on Friday!!  It was really fun at the same time that it was horrible.  Haha.  Biking up hills on busy streets, with a bag, wearing a hideous helmet, IN A SKIRT.  I have nothing more to say.
One night last week, we had dinner with the stake president and his wife.  He asked where I was from.  I said Provo.  He asked where in Provo.  As I explained to him where I live, he said, "So that means you must have gone to Dixon Middle School and Provo High School".  "...How did you know that?"  Well he went to those schools too.  Turns out he's only 2 years older than my parents.  THEN we found both of my parents in the yearbook!!!!  Dad was tiny!  And Cameron looks like him in that picture.  And I had never seen that picture of Mom, it was beautiful.  Mom and Dad, do you know a Claude Zobell?  Apparently he was the yearbook editor.
I love you all.  I know the gospel is true or I wouldn't be riding a bike in a skirt in order to tell people.  Just kidding, it really wasn't that bad.
love sister wilde

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