Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Dear Family,
This has been a week of struggles, learning, and miracles.  I had a wonderful Easter!  Although I missed you all very much, especially when you did Wilde family easter egg hunt (which is the best kind of easter egg hunt),  I have sadly gotten accustomed to not being home.  I will be very happy when I can think about our family activities and actually be able to participate again.  But this weekend was totally worth it.  We saw some miracles.
Last weekend we were informed that Maria's son's friend passed away.  We weren't able to meet with her at all this week or last. 
(This is an important detail, so remember it).
On Tuesday we got to meet with a less active couple.  They are really struggling right now.  Among other things, their friend Aaron had just been killed in a very horrible way while he was at work.  He was only 19yrs old.  The spirit filled the room as the wife bore her testimony to her husband about Jesus Christ and how He gives us the hope and comfort that we need.  They received priesthood blessings from the elders that were with us.  One really cool thing about it was that Elder Whelan, who gave the wife a blessing, said after both of the blessings that there was something that Heavenly Father wanted to tell her in the blessing but that he had failed to mention it.  It was that as they live the gospel, they will be blessed in their marriage.  As he said this, tears streamed down her face.  She expressed that he couldn't possibly know how much this meant to her.  That was the blessing that she was truly seeking, which Elder Whelan could not have known because that was the first day he met her.
Later that day, we went out to teach with sister Carnahan(who is good friends with Maria).  It was then that we were able to piece everything together.  Maria's son's friend and the friend of this couple was the same young man!  How small of a world.  We went to the viewing that night to support Maria.  It was a very sad occasion.    
On Thursday, we felt that we needed to go see a less active family.  I had only met this sister once, very briefly.  I knew that Bro Donald (their home teacher) was very faithful in his home teaching and helping the family how ever he could.  As we came to the door, a young man answered.  His name is Bobby.  We talked with him for a few minutes.  Nothing special.  Just got to know him, invited him to our missionary devotional...he told us that he was always really happy to see the missionaries and thanked us for coming.  He asked what time church was.  In my mind, I admit that I had doubt about him actually showing up...just because of past experiences, and the fact that they havn't been to church in probably 10 years. 
Yesterday, I stood at the door of the chapel handing out programs and welcoming people to church when I saw Bobby and his mother walk in the doors.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I began to cry.  Bobby knew that was where he was supposed to be.  It was special for me to look at him with such joy and sincerely tell him how happy I was to see him at church.  I made sure to watch as he went to meet Bro Donald.  His face absolutely lit up.  After the meeting, we talked with Bro Donald about that miracle.  Tears came to his eyes as he related his experiences with the family and the real hardships and darkness that they pass through.  There is a lot of need in the world.  And honestly, Jesus Christ is the only answer.
On Saturday morning I was doing my personal study when the phone rang. I began to talk with this guy named Kendall who had just called the temple and gotten the missionaries' phone number.  He wanted to know all about our church.  He had heard a lot of bad things, but had met some LDS people who impressed him.  He had tried every religion except Mormon.  He did some research and likes what he knows so far.  It was pretty cool, seeing as I hardly ever receive phone calls like that.  In my pleasantly surprised voice, I said, "We can help you!"  He wanted to meet at the church the same morning because his house was too crazy of a place.  So then I had to find a way to get him to the church.  One of the recently returned missionaries(Cameron) in the Bartlett wards came to mind.  I texted him and he was able to go get him.  We did a great lesson and a church tour with him.  He was touched and committed to come to church the next day.  Cameron shared with us that he had originally planned to go to Nashville that day to see a family from his mission, but when he woke up that morning he had a really bad feeling.  Heavenly Father is so cool! He knew we needed help that day, and more importantly, he knew Kendall needed help that day.  Kendall had prayed the night before for a long time because he felt distant from God.  He woke up in the morning and just happened to see an LDS "ad" on facebook.  (Ad?  I don't know what to call it.)  That's when he looked up the phone number for the temple and got our phone number.  I hope that wasn't a confusing story.  It was really cool.
But it's not even over yet.  As we passed by the family history center on our church tour, we saw the Reiersens in there like they normally are, but with two young men we didn't know!  These were sophmores from a religious private school who were from Church of Christ.  They just walked in to our church that morning wanting to ask questions and find out more about our church.  We got the opportunity to sit down with them and answer questions.  I was really impressed with them.  They were respectful and asked very good questions.  We gave them a Book of Mormon and asked if they wanted to learn more.  They said that they do.  As I walked away from the experiences I thought "man, they were just comin to us today".  :)   
Aww man, I had this suuper funny story to tell you.  I don't know if I have time.  Okay I'll do the quick version.  Earlier this week, we had a dinner appointment with the bishop.  It was sis martell's first time at his house, and she wanted to behave well so that Bishop would think she was a good missionary.  Fair enough, I'd want to do the same thing.  As we sat down to dinner, Bishop Hale was telling us that they are working on getting a window seat by their kitchen table so that they can seat more people.  Sis Martell then unconsciously blurts out, "Oh, are you planning on having more soon?"  Hah!  Embarrassment came across her face as she realized what she said.  It really wasn't that bad, it was just funny!  And when she gets embarrassed, she can't stop laughing.  So then I start laughing too!  It's not my fault, I just laugh whenever she does.  We then sat down.  For dinner we were having this really good chicken and tomatoes with cous cous and feta cheese sprinkled on top.  I took my chicken, grabbed the container of feta, and sprinkled it on top.  I then passed it to Sis Martell.  She got her chicken, grabbed the container of feta....and all of a sudden, half the feta cheese is sitting in a huge pile on her plate!  And on the table.  And on her lap.  HAHAHAHAHA!  I couldn't contain myself.  Aww man it was the best.  And she began to laugh even more..and then I laughed even more...and the bishop was probably thinking...gosh these sister missionaries...   :)  To her credit, the plastic part on the top of the container had been torn all the way off but looked like it was only torn half way off.  I think she just shook it too hard.  Nevertheless, it was hilarious.
Well I think I just wrote a novel.  I love you all.
love sister wilde

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