Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last week of June

Dear Family,
I had a really great week.  I feel like I've known these people in Hot Springs for my whole life instead of just a few months.  They have really gone by fast.  It's crazy to hear about how so many of my friends and family are getting home from missions and getting married and having babies.  Change is good..I guess.  Anyone who knows me also knows that what I just said is a complete lie. I hate change.  I really hope I don't get transfered, but there's a real possibility.  Transfers are in 2 weeks.  I have grown very close to my companion and the people I serve.  So many good things are happening!  I don't want to leave..It's like never watching the end of a TV series like Lost.  Well actually I have never finished that either..bad example.  But seriously, there are so many baptisms in the works and so many people I love.  It is humbling to hear our investigators say that they don't want me and Sister Gladden to leave because they have grown to love us too. 
Nancy Baldwin got baptized on Thursday. WOO!!  This is so good.  Her baptism was really wonderful.  A few other sister missionaries from other areas who found Nancy in the first place were able to come.  She had many people from the ward there to love and support her.  I am grateful for the love and compassion that others have.  The Samoan family that fellowshipped Nancy, the Kennach family, was also there.  Brother Kennach baptized her and also gave a talk and did the special musical number.  A few days ago he asked me, "What is that song that your Dad always sings?"  My face lit up as I said, "Hymn 307 In Our Lovely Deseret."  They sang it at the baptism!  Just for me and my daddy!  I was so happy.  I grinned the whole time as I thought of Dad singing that at family night.  There was a special spirit there. 
Our dear Bro. Bledsoe will get baptized in August.  I think the whole world is going to be there probably.  He's the talk of the town.  Everyone is so excited about how it's finally happening.  The best part is the change we've seen in him. He reads the Book of Mormon every day, prays, attends church, and has been transforming.  Really.  He has become such a dear friend to us.  The Glenwood branch is so small, but so strong.  You can feel it when you walk in the building. Their testimonies are rock solid.  Testimony is a funny thing..sometimes it's hard to know that you have one and what it is.  Maybe it's just me, but I've had a hard time with that.  As I've contemplated grandpa Wilde's passing, I just feel that he is okay. I know that because we have a Father in Heaven who blessed us with families on earth, he wants us to keep our families after we die.  If there was not a plan or way for us to accomplish this, why are we living?  Why do we live if not to bless, serve and love those around us?  If we understand love, we understand God and the gospel.  It's simple.
We met two girls through one of our investigators Valerie.  They are in their 20's and were a blessing to me because they remind me of my wonderful friends back home.  I could feel of their purity and love for God as I spent time with them.  You really can feel so many things about people when you talk and spend time with them.  Again, I felt that feeling that I had known them my whole life.  Life is cool because you get the opportunity to meet people like this and learn from them.  You also meet many unpleasant and rude people too, but that's okay.  These girls, Melissa and Laura, used to be park rangers in Hot Springs. They were tour guides for one of the bath houses.  They took us on a tour of it and told us cool historical facts.  We saw this old school gym in the 3rd floor. It used to be the biggest gym in the U.S.  Anyway, we had a really good time.
There's lots more to tell you, but I'm running out of time.  I hope you all are doing well.  I pray for you daily.  
love sister annalisa wilde 

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