Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Things are shaking up in the mission"

(sorry it is a few days late)

Dear Family,
Things are shaking up in the mission.  I think we have 25 missionaries coming this week..something like that.  I am training and about 12 or 13 other sisters are training too.  It's hard to believe that my transfer in Lakeland is almost over- I hope my experiences here have been in preparation for opening Glenwood next transfer.  We've done a lot of finding and I got to feel what it's like to start from scratch.  It wasn't completely scratch, but compared to what it is now it seems to have been.  We've done a lot of work!  I'm not as nervous going to Glenwood as I was for Lakeland because I feel like I'm ahead in that I already know the members.  I can't even tell you how excited I am to see Brother and Sister Bledsoe.  This is a pretty sweet deal. 
Lots of changes are happening.  My MTC companion Sister Edwards had to go home early because she was sick.  I am sad because I really wanted to go hom with her. :(  Sister Martell is actually being transferred out of Bartlett.  She's unhappy about it.  She just told me some great news about Debbie!  So Debbie got up in church yesterday and bore her testimony that she knew the Book of Mormon was true.  Then, unbenounced to Sister Martell, she announced that she was getting baptized on June 8 and invited everyone to her baptism.  It's hard to describe the joy I experienced when I heard this.  I think it is a joy that only a missionary knows.  It seems so many days that what I do doesn't make a difference, doesn't help anyone.  But when I am able to see that Debbie has obtained such a precious knowledge-a knowledge that can only come through the hardest of work. This knowledge requires deep soul searching, pondering, and the most sincere prayer we can offer.  It is only then that we understand how precious the knowledge is because of what it took to get us there. Everything we have to give to someone else will always be worth it because of the feelings and knowledge of the spirit that we gain.  It is meaningful to me to think of what I love most in my is the people.  My family and those I serve with and for.  That is the reason I will give what I have to give. 
Now a few thoughts I had this week:
You know you've been a missionary too long when you're driving on the freeway, glance over to see a building with a big word printed on the wall that actully reads "Laminates" but you thought it said "Lamanites". 
I commented- "Oh my gosh, did you see that building? It said Lamanites. I can't believe that building says Lamanites!  So weird!"
You know you've been a missionary too long when you're sitting at dinner with members, and their 14 yr old son starts talking about the scout trip he's going on where he'll travel by sailboat- with fishing, anchors and everything- and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is "Sweet, Alex you're gonna be like a disciple!  Think of all the spiritual parallels you could draw".
Do you want to hear a good joke?
Knock knock.
(who's there?)
Joseph Smith.
(Joseph Smith who?)
Well let me tell you about him!  :)
Isn't that the best joke you've ever heard???  Elder Webster made it up. hahahaha.
I love you all!  Pray for me....I'm going to the furthest reaches of the mission...I don't know if I'll come back alive.
love sister wilde

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