Friday, May 31, 2013

Going Back to Glenwood!!!!

Dear Family,

Wow I can't believe Elliot and Jessica's baby is already here!  I fear that by the time I have children all the good names will be taken by the rest of the family.  Kate Ryan is the cutest name I've ever heard!  Now watch everyone copy Jessica like they always do and name their kids Kate.  Ah well..Kate and I will meet.  Soon. :)

Believe it or not this transfer is coming to a close.  Looking back it seems like it's been such a short time, but it has honestly been the longest transfer of my life.  I have absolutely loved living with the Longshore's though.  They took me in like family.  They even call me fat head.  (Apparently its a term of endearment.  I'll take it I guess).  You will meet them someday.  I especially felt like family yesterday when I came home to find out that our dog Rosie had to be put down.  I cried and cried.  I've never had this experience before because I usually don't really care about dogs.  But I really loved Rosie.  I am still pretty upset about it.  She had a seizure and there was no other choice but to put her down.  Now I don't get to guide her to the door and watch her run into things.  I bet she is happier now though.  

Well, I'm getting transferred.  I've known for over a week now..President is sending me back to Glenwood!  Before when I was there we covered Hot Springs and Glenwood, but now the area will be split and I will be opening Glenwood.  (Since the sisters are doing practically no work there right now).  I am training a new sister there.  President Petersen told me that when he told President Palmer(branch pres) that I was returning, he teared up a bit and was so excited for me to come back.  I cannot tell you what that means to me.  Those people are dear to me.  I am anxious to see Bro and Sis Bledsoe again and to baptize stubborn old Howard Hawthorne and George McWhorter.  It's gonna happen this time.  President Palmer has called a new branch mission leader and 6 branch missionaries!  They are pumped.  Small but strong.  There is a very special spirit in that branch...I'm excited to go.  Some ladies in the branch even made quilts for the missionaries' beds.  That is very sweet.  I'm not sure where I will be living..but it will be an adventure.  It does feel sad and weird to leave Memphis though.  

What life really boils down to is the primary answers.  God lives.  He loves us and hears our prayers.  Jesus Christ is our Savior. The scriptures are true- if we did not taste the bitter we would not recognize or understand the sweet.  The more I learn about trials the more real of a missionary and person I will be.  I have come to understand in greater depth the power of love.  There are sometimes that I doubt, but there are some things that I know.  I know the love that I feel for my family- that it cannot be erased.  No one can persuade me that that love is not real.  I have felt a remarkable measure of love this truly has the power to heal broken hearts and souls.  I have experienced that healing.  Thank you for your love and prayers.  Love is the reason we can do miracles.  We sacrifice out of love, we serve and share out of love.  For in those moments that we truly give of ourselves in Christlike love, we feel a light come on inside of us.  An energy that gives us the motivation to keep trying, keep giving, keep loving.  This is the Spirit of the Lord.  In this process the Lord will guide our lives.  How grateful I am to have received love from each of you.  Your lives of devotion to your families and our Heavenly Father have made an eternal impact upon me.

May you pray with more sincerity, give with your whole heart, and know that I love you with all of mine.

love sister wilde

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