Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Week's Letter (sorry it is late)

Hey Family,
Sorry I didn't write yesterday.  I had a crazzy day.  Also, I forgot my list of all the things I needed to tell you this week.  It's in my old planner...let's just say that I think I am starting to turn into my mom because this week I keep thinking things like I just want to run away from home and I think I'm losing my mind.  Because I really am!  It has been nuts..It is so much harder for me to leave this area and these peopel than I even anticipated.  And I already knew I was kind of a baby.  But this is embarrassing.  I took it upon myself to write letters to some members and investigators to express my love and appreciation.  There are far too many for me to even packing, plus telling Sis Martell about all the investigators that have fallen through the visiting all the people that want us to come visit them before I go..I know I know, not a bad problem to have.  I'm sort of having a really good time even though it's stressful.  But Sister Martell is about to train!  I'm proud of her.  I will have a grandchild, I just can't believe it.
Yesterday a lot of missionaries that I really love went home.  We had a great day at the temple.  Then Brother and Sister Lackey took us on a fun outing.  We went to Collierville where they have this little historic square and a train that you can walk in and stuff.  We took lots of pictures and then went to a fun old fashioned burger place after.  Now Brother Lackey is the man that had married 2 or is it 3 mormon women but he will never become mormon.  He is the sweetest man though.  He doesnt come to church because he works on Sunday, but he came to our Ask in Faith Devotional and really enjoyed it.  I can't really describe Brother Lackey except that he is just Brother Lackey.  But you will all meet him because I already planned for them to come to Utah to stay with us and then we will go to Yellowstone. 
Okay so I'm feeling really lost without my list.  It had all the spiritual things I wanted to say and all the funny things I wanted to say.  But I will tell you this funny story.  A few weeks ago after our devotional, President came up to me when I was talking to Sister Longshore from the Lakeland ward and out of the blue said, "You're going to be living with her".  That threw me for a loop..So the elders in Lakeland (which is the city literally right next to Bartlett) live with Bishop Longshore right now.  So if I were to live with them, that would mean that the elders are out.  Then Sister Longshore got really excited.  And I got really excited. I love living with members.  So there we go, I'm whitewashing Lakeland.  I'll probably die in Lakeland.  But then President told me not to tell anybody because he doesn't want the elders to stop working.  But then get this!  I tried to keep it a secret for as long as I could, but then the next day our zone leaders called about something and then asked me if I was getting transferred...and I held on to it for another day...and then I cracked the next day.  But then they were talking to President about it (pretending that they didn't know) and he straight up told them I was going to Lakeland.  So I figure if he is telling people that I can tell people.  And I dont' think the Lakeland elders know about it.  Not that it really matters now because I'm going there tomorrow.  But anyway.  Sister Martell is relieved that I won't be too far and that I can still help her.  The cool thing about this all is that I can feel that I should be there.  I know this sounds cheesy, but it's almost like I feel it calling to me.  I can feel the title "Lakeland Sisters" settling upon me.  haha.  But there are two individuals that I have met in the past 8 months that I really connected with, but they live in the Lakeland boundary.  I didn't want to turn them over to the elders because they need sisters.  I feel a repsonsibility for them and I just want them to be mine.  And now they are mine. :)  I know this is what needs to happen and so I will do it.
I have been reading Cameron's letters and I am so impressed.  I always share with my companions the things that he says and the testimony he bears in his letters.  I feel like I need to step it up!  Well this is what I  will share.  The more I eliminate distractions, the more meaning I feel in pondering and understanding simple truths.  The life of a missionary is simple-you worry about one thing.  Just one.  Inviting others to come to Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for this time that I have away from my life and the things of the world to learn to live in a more simple way.  The gospel is truly the only thing we need.  Jesus Christ knows who I am and loves me.  How many times have you heard that?  How many times do you actually allow that into your heart?  How much more this truth means to me when I have felt alone on my mission, not having the luxury of talking to my loved ones.
But I really do get to talk to you soon.  Woo!  I love you all.
love sister wilde  

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