Thursday, May 9, 2013

Long Week

Dear Family,
I apologize in advance for the longness of this letter.  I'm pretty sure this has been the longest week of my life..but I guess I've realized the truth of what Sister Dalton said once.  The Lord doesn't like comfort zones.  Because I am out of my comfort zone I am forced to work hard.  I am forced to keep pushing when I really don't want to.  I have no other choice but to work hard.  It is really true that the more people you talk to and ask for referrals, the more success you will have. What a simple principle.  Obvious.  I've heard it taught many times.  But after this past week, I understand it more clearly than I have before. We talked with a lot of people, prayed a lot, and were able to find 8 precious souls as new investigators. I care more about these 8 people than I have ever cared about a new investigator.  Because I know that Heavenly Father hand picked them for us.  We prayed to know which streets to go at which time, and we found people who would listen to us.  I pray that they will continue to be receptive to our message. I think that was the highlight of our week.  I don't even remember the last time I found 8 in one week.  That is sad.  Well, good thing this is a gospel of repentance.  Every time I've opened the Book of Mormon lately I have been severly.  I opened up to Helaman 12 and read the words, "Sister. Wilde.  You. Are. Prideful."  But I then read verses 22-23.  I might have been'll have to check.  "And may God grant in his fulness that men might be brought to repentance and faith.."  or something like that.  Then He promises that we will be restored grace for grace.  Not sure what that means yet, but I feel like when I repent and give all my efforts (consecration), then I will obtain His grace.  That's pretty good.
So I am making lots of little connections with people in the ward.  We went to the Relief Society President's house for dinner the other night.  She has a daughter named Bethany.  Doesn't quite spell her name right, but I'll forgive her.  I said, "Hey, I have a little sister named Bethanie!"  Then I really missed Bethanie!  Turns out that she has a birthday in October.  I said, "my little sister's birthday is in October!"  Now get this.  Her nick name is Boo.  I said, "Okay, this is getting freaky."  :)  
I had congo bars this week!  It was awesome!  I decided my comfort foods are toast, milk, and congo bars.  I felt right at home.
Sorry for the lame letter-Cameron's gonna wipe the floor with me this week.  :)
I love you all,
sister wilde

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