Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Big Week!!

Hey Family!
It seems like I have a lot of big news just in the past week.  First of all, SAM AND STEVE GOT BAPTIZED!  This is very good.  It was a really nice service.  They had a lot of ward members come to support them.  It does seem, however, that Satan really kicks it into gear right before and right after baptism.  And before you go to the temple, and before you go on a mission.  That's what I think anyway.  Sometimes Satan even tries to convince us that he isn't real.  But he is.  Well, the day before the baptism, Sam called us and said, "I dont' know if it's going to work out for us to get baptized tomorrow".  I should have been more braced for this to happen, because I've seen it time and time again.  Well, that's when I started praying.  I prayed and told Heavenly Father that I knew I was asking for a miracle, but to please bless us with one.  I asked that Sam would wake up in a really good mood-so good of a mood that she didn't know why she was in such a good mood.  Well guess what?  I totally got what I asked for!  She called us Saturday morning and said, "I get the priesthood now!  I was reading in the D&C about it and it took me to Hebrews 7.  There are so many answers in the D&C.  I woke up this morning feeling really good about the baptism".  (Imagine angels singing).  It was awesome.  I know she received that peace because she was diligently seeking.  As she continues this process, her faith will increase.  Last night we were talking to her on the phone and she said, "You know, when I was younger, I would pray a lot and I felt like my prayers didn't get answered.  I realized that sometimes, God not answering them was my answer.  It was different than I wanted Him to, but He answered.  But ever since I met yall, it's been like "Hello. My name is God and this is what I think".  She's been receiving a lot of clear answers lately.  That's cool.  Now, I know I'm painting this picture like everything is perfect.  In no way is that true.  There are a lot of surrounding issues.  But one thing is true-implimenting this process of having faith, repenting, reading the scriptures and praying for answers will lead us to Christ which will lead us to be happy.  Now and in the future.  And really, that's all that you need.  Yesterday in church we talked a lot about the horrible events that occurred in Conneticut.  We talked about how it was prophesied that all this crap would happen.  The contrast between all this wickedness and the hope and light of Jesus Christ is all the more dramatic.  We talked about how Jesus was born in this one little place on the earth-a lowly stable- and despite all the bad that was happening in the world, they had that one spot.  That one little light was there where those present could feel peace and hope and life.  That one little place in Bethlehem truly is there for every one of us.  Jesus Christ offers peace and hope to every individual if they will but come unto Him.  Everyone has that opportunity, and it's pretty much right in front of their face.  The relief society teacher played "You are the New Day" you know the one the King's Singers do?  It was still the King's Singers, but it was a different version where they changed the words to make it about Christ being that new day.  Well it made me miss my family terribly (that was pretty mean of her to do that, but I guess she didn't know) but it was really good.
We are teaching this Japanese lady named Kana.  She is so wonderful.  We go to her house with Sister Perry, who is also Japanese.  I love teaching her because I can feel the spirit as we teach simply and clearly.  This is how it usually goes down: We will say a few sentences to Kana in English because it's the only language we know.  Then, Sis Perry will talk with Kana for about 3-4 minutes about what we taught.  She is learning English and is coming along great, but Sis Perry explains things to her so that she understands better.  I really like Kana.  This is just a little illustration of how funny she is:  The other day we had an appointment for 1pm.  About a half hour before our scheduled appointment, she called to ask us if we could change the appointment from 1pm to 1:10pm.  :)  hahah! How cute is that?  Well it ended up working perfect for us, so I'm glad that we were on exactly the same page as she was.
We started meeting with this lady named Melodie-have I talked about her yet?  I think so.  Well this week, she wanted to get rid of some clothes and shoes and really really wanted us to have them all.  She just kept pulling more things out of her closet...it was starting to make me nervous about where we were going to put all of it.  She gave us 30 pairs of shoes!  I counted, I'm not even exaggerating.  And tons of clothes-most of which are too big for me, but it was a really nice gesture.  She also gave me this old school wind up metronome.  I was super excited about that one.  I always wanted one of those.
May you feel the spirit of Christ as you serve and give this Christmas season.
I love you all,
   sister wilde

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