Monday, December 31, 2012

Before Christmas

(sorry it is late )

What's up family-
Tomorrow is Christmas. Crazy.  I will be talking to you very soon.  I hope you have all been safe and that you missed me at the Christmas party :) haha.  I have really missed singing with you..Its just not the same here cause nobody knows the good songs, and Sister B doesn't even like to go Christmas caroling.  But it's okay because I'm making her go tonight! Mwhahahahaha.  Too bad we can't sing the good Awayin a Manger.  Or Stars that Twinkle and Shine.  Well, I'll make do with what I've got.  And hopefully I'm not dead by morning due to Sis B's wrath kindled against me. :)
Hey cool story about our legit recent convert Stephanie.  She found us a new investigator named Debbie.  In our lesson with her last week, Stephanie was testifyin!  She talked about how her sister tried to get her to drink a couple days ago, and even put a margarita in her hand, and she totally withstood.  She said she knew it was because she studies the book of mormon every day.  Then she started quoting helaman 5:12! Bam!  It was awesome.  talkin about the rock upon which we are built which is Christ. She even extended the commitment to come to church.  We're gonna get her. ;)
We had an amazing experience on Wednesday. We came across a neighborhood sometime last week and we both had a feeling that we needed to come back to it. Then a few days later while I was praying, I felt again that we needed to go back-that someone there would be baptized. So we went. As we walked, we felt impressed to knock a house. No one came. A few houses down, we met a man and a woman who were talking outside. We found out that the woman lived there, and the man lived in the house that we had just knocked! Her name is Martha. As we talked with her, she opened up a lot. We had a wonderful conversation about how going to church helps us come to Christ. She told us that it was her new years resolution to find a church to go to! As we talked, I thought to myself, "We need to have her meet Sis Carnahan-who is a lady from Venezuela in the ward). We then found out that Martha is from Venezuela! It's perfect! She told us that she took it as a sign from God that she met us, and thanked us for preaching God's word. We were able to tell her then that we knew we were led by God to her door. I know we were-she's the reason we needed to go there.

So I forgot to tell you last week.  Sis B is staying here in Bartlett for her last transfer, and then I am training.  Crazy crazy...I'm excited though.  It's making me pray harder.
We had our Christmas zone conference last week.  Apparently we are allowed to watch a movie at it-and I felt kinda weird watching it. haha.  We watched Brave which is pretty good.  I liked it.  We also had a talent show.  I sang a duet with Elder Streibel while he played guitar-God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.  Also I did a duet on the piano with Elder Ivens while Elder Whelan and Elder Streible sang-Be Still My Soul.  We had a good time.
I am sorry to make this short, but I must go.  Happy Christmas everyone.  I love you!!!
love sister wilde

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