Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two more weeks til transfer

Dearest Family,
Another week has gone by, and now there are only two more weeks of the transfer.  Sis B's mission is winding down.  Quite a scary thought if you ask me.  Two missionaries from the Bartlett 1st ward returned this past week.  They have the missionary glow.  I have been contemplating on my mission-how much has gone by, how little time I have left.  Every morning we wake up to the cd that's in the cd player.  So at 6:30 I hear this horrible efy song that says "what will you do with the time that's left? Will you live it all with no regrets?"  Even more scary thoughts.  At that point I usually choose to think about something else.  haha.  Well  I say that because I want to give my all and do my best.  But it's all good cause there's always repentance. 
Last week we had the privilege of listening to a member from the 70 at our zone conference.  Elder Kipishke.  I don't think I spelled that right.  He's from Germany.  President said we needed to be really prepared and looking sharp because he is from Germany, and you know how Germans are-strict and precise and all that stuff.  At last year's mission tour, Elder Allen from the 70 came.  Apparently the whole mission got chastized pretty bad so everyone was nervous for what would happen this year.  Turns out, Elder Kipishke was the nicest man I've ever met.  There was the strongest feeling of warmth and peace in that zone conference.  I wish you could have felt it, because I can't describe it.  He taught simply and by the spirit.  I came away having been taught so many things that I know came from the Holy Ghost because he never said them.  He taught us to have questions when we come to church, and throughout that zone conference.  When we listen to the speakers in the context of our questions, revelation will flow.  However, we will only receive what we are ready to receive.  It will work as you are humble and as you seek the Lord through obedience.  For part of the conference, he turned the time over to us to ask questions.  One elder asked a question, and as Elder Kipishke began to teach him I was saying " did he see the question I wrote down.."  I swear, he wasn't answering that question, he was answering mine.  I received help with this question that I have had for most of my mission.  You should try the question thing next time you go to church. 
Through my study this week, I have been learning how to rely on the Savior in a new way.  I feel a hope in Him that I have not felt before.   I really love this scripture- "In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world".  But obtaining this hope and faith in Christ is not an abstract thing, contrary to what I have thought before.  If it's really true that every person needs to accept the atonement of Christ to be saved, Christ will show the way for us to do that.  It is through the ordinances that the power of godliness is manifest.  It is through living our covenants that we obtain faith unto repentance.  This is what we must do.
Highlight from the week:  Latosha, Jacole, Jeremy, and Debbie set foot in the church building!!!!   This is huge!  We have been trying for quite some time to get them to come to church.  Not all of them came for the church meetings, but we were able to do a church tour with them.  This is where we take them around the building, explaining what church is like, the different places they'll go, the things they will learn.  Most importantly, they will feel the spirit as they enter the church-if they are prepared to receive it.  Sometimes people are not prepared.  That is okay, you just have to wait til they are, and find someone who is prepared.  How many times are we not prepared to learn something that Heavenly Father wants to teach us?  Probably many times.  But how happy He is when we are-when we feel the Holy Ghost and know we need to change.  Change is so cool.  Hey, go read D&C 93:1.
I pray that you are all doing well.  I love you with all of my heart.
love sister wilde

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