Thursday, January 31, 2013

Continuing in the work !

Hey Family,
Our investigators are doing pretty good.  I feel very happy because we had a few of them come to church yesterday.  We met this girl named Terri who is friends with one of the recent converts in Millington.  This member has taught Terri a lot about the church and gave her a book of mormon.  She has had it for less than a week and she's almost through 1 Nephi.  That's awesome!  Her family is against the church because they've heard a bunch of crazy stuff over the years.  I really think that most of the things people hear simply are not true.  Sometimes people tell us that "we have a different Jesus".  That is simply not true.  Anyway, Terri said that she really feels this is true and that it's right for her.  She is going to be baptized in February.  She said that she sees a passion in all the sisters and elders she meets..for them to sacrifice to come share the gospel with her.  It was a testament to her that it's true.  Also, Debbie was really excited to tell us last week that she had done her reading in the Book of Mormon- she then proceeded to tell us everything that she read.  She remembered an impressive amount of details.  I think the best part was that she was ecstatic...haha.  That she had actually done her reading.  We were just about as surprised as she was excited. haha.  Okay it's not that bad.  She just usually says she doesn't have time to read on her own.  She loves reading with us, but hasn't really made it a habit yet.  But Stephanie is helping her along.  Stephanie is doing soo well.  I couldn't be happier about her.  I've grown really close to her.  I keep telling her that she needs to meet my whole family.  And she will.  She is already planning on coming to visit me when I get married.  I then have to remind her that she can't wait for that because she might not ever get to come.  haha. 
Well we had a wonderful lesson with Debbie last week.  She was really interested in the temple, and Stephanie had been given the video "Between Heaven and Earth", so we watched that.  Debbie was glued the whole time.  The sweetest spirit filled the room as we talked about the blessings of the temple.  Debbie said, "I want to go there".  I wish I could have helped her to better see that she can!  She thinks its unreachable...but it is not.  At least now she has a vision.  We all felt the spirit powerfully..temple covenants are the way we can have happy families and happy lives because you learn the doctrines and principles of the gospel.  That is the gospel that Christ obeyed, and the one God lives.  True joy is to become like God and He has shown us the way. Something we were taught by Elder Kepechke last week was that we need to teach the doctrine.  Elder Packer said, "True doctrine understood(which means with your mind and your heart) changes behavior faster than a study of behavior changes behavior".  So when we struggle with something, we can ask ourselves:  What doctrine do I need to understand that will change my attitude and behavior? 
Oh.  Best part of that lesson.  Stephanie's 21 yr old son Jeremy who lives with her(who doesn't seem very interested in studying with us) was totally listening the whole time from the other room.  :)
When I was in the MTC, my teacher told me a story about his mission.  He talked about once when he was in a trio.  In the middle of the night, the other two elders were straight up teaching a lesson in their sleep!  They were even switching off-bearing testimony and backing each other up and stuff.  Well, I would like to announce that I have reached a pinnacle moment in my mission.  I woke up this morning to find a sticky note on the bathroom mirror saying, "Congratulations Sister Wilde!  You have successfully extended a commitment in your sleep!  " will receive great blessings..."
Thank goodness for my insomniac companion who witnessed that or no one would have ever known.
Hey.  I love you all very much.  I never knew how much my family meant to me...
love sister wilde

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